Boat Covers – bespoke and made to measure

Boat Covers

Our boat covers are made ​​strictly to measure. You should know that as with all fabrics, even those used for the creation of high quality boat covers (despite being made from PVC, polyester, etc) in time undergo a stretch of 15-20%. It is for this reason that the measurements and models for each cover are made on the boat that the cover is intended for.

The choice of materials on the customer’s request, or on the advice of our expert uses any type of material (obviously suited to the needs) from PVC and polyester. The first is very resistant to abrasions and tears, the second breathable, refined and elegant.

The Process

Our covers are sewn using a mixed cotton and polyester yarn, high in tenacity and to give each seam impermeability and durability. We apply reinforcements in areas most at risk of abrasion allowing the boat covers to remain intact and durable.

The Accessories

Apart from the accessories which are standard for boat covers, such as door posts and poles, straps with stainless steel buckles and eye bolts, side tie rods for fastening the covers and restraining rope, at the request of the customer we are able to add or replace a multitude of accessories and variants such as air intakes, buckles, buttons, elastic, thermo welding etc, according to the need.


At the time of issue of the invoice you will be guaranteed at least 5 years of warranty for covers. We will intervene in case of any problem.


All our boat covers require no special attention except a cleaning one or two times a year with suitable products to eliminate acids that are the main cause of aging (cardboard effect).


We invite you to browse our gallery to find the methods that could be used to improve the efficiency of your future boat covers.

example of boat covers to the left