Terrace Covers, Veranda Covers and More

Terrace Covers, Veranda Covers and More

We don’t just make custom covers for boats. Using the same technology and materials we use for crafting our made-to-measure boat covers, we also make other outdoor covers, such as veranda and terrace covers.

Take a look at the photos below of two example projects that we undertook. Both are great examples of temporary outdoor coverings for verandas and event structures. We use materials such as PVC and polyester. The first is very resistant to abrasions and tears, the second breathable, refined and elegant. Our designs are perfect for protecting areas from the elements such as wind. They are also excellent at keeping in the much needed heat during winter.

We have also been commissioned to make covers for pickup trucks and garden furniture. If you have a veranda, terrace or other project that needs a covering of some sort, please contact us.

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